Pawsitive Pet Of The Week

Thinking of adding a four legged friend to the family?

1031 Fresh Radio is teaming up with the London Humane Society to help some listeners become “Furever” parents and find their perfect pet with the 1031 Fresh Radio Pawsitive Pet of the Week! Each week we’ll feature a pet that is available at the London Humane Society for adoption!

We’ll bring the Pawsitive Pet of the Week into the Fresh Studios each Wednesday at 11am and go LIVE from the Fresh Radio Facebook Fan Page! Leeanne from the Fresh Radio Midday Show will chat with the London Humane Society about the perks of adopting not shopping, caring for pets, training and more!

Interested in adopting one of the Pawsitive Pets of the Week below? Contact the London Humane Society at (519) 451-0630.

Pawsitive Pets of The Week:

June 20 | Max

AGE: 8-week-old
GENDER: male
BREED: cat

Max is an extremely playful (and obviously adorable) 8-week-old male tabby kitten who is looking for a loving home! Interested in meeting this tiny boy to see whether he would make the perfect addition to your family? If so, drop by London Humane Society (624 Clarke Rd) weekdays from 1-6 pm.







May 2 | Abbey & Pepper

AGE: Abbey (7 years old) & Pepper (8 years old)
GENDER: females
BREED: dog

Abbey (7-year-old) and Pepper (8-years-old) are a pair of bonded mother and daughter Terrier/Shih Tzu mixes who are looking for a home, together! This sweet duo would make an amazing addition to any loving home. They are friendly with children and other dogs, however they’ve never lived with cats. If you’d like to meet Abbey and Pepper, be sure to stop by 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or this weekend from 1-4:30 pm.


April 11 | Puddles

AGE: 2 years old
GENDER: male
BREED: cat

Puddles who is a very friendly and social 2-year-old male cat. He’s still very kitten-like and loves to run around and play.. but is certainly not opposed to cuddle time. Anyone interested in meeting Puddles to see whether he would make the perfect addition to their family, is encouraged to meet him at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm.




March 14 | Gucci & Bailey

AGE: 8 years old
GENDER: male & female
BREED: Pug/Jack Rusell




Gucci (male) and Bailey (female) are a pair of 8-year-old, Pug/Jack Russell mix siblings! They typically get along well with other dogs, and love children but we are recommending that they be adopted by someone with children over the age of 8, because they are fairly rambunctious and will require some obedience training. Because these two dogs have such a close bond, they must be adopted together. If anyone is interested in meeting this adorable pair to see whether they would be a good fit for their family, please visit London Humane Society (624 Clarke Rd) weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm.

March 5 | Janet

AGE: 1 year old
GENDER: female
BREED: cat

Janet is one of the sweetest little cats you will ever have the pleasure of meeting! At only 1-year-old, she is still very kitten-like and loves to play and explore her surroundings. When she is in need of some cuddles, she will let you know by gently rubbing against your leg. Meet this gorgeous little Calico/Tabby mix at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm.


February 28 | Xena

AGE: 3 years old
GENDER: female
BREED: cat

Xena is an approx. 3-year-old female cat. She is not yet available for adoption, but we hope she will be healthy enough within the next couple of weeks to be adopted by a loving family. This sweet and lovable cat was abandoned in a home without food or water when her previous owners moved out. The Investigations Dept at London Humane Society was contacted about this case of abandonment from a concerned neighbour. She was very malnourished, dehydrated and scared when she was brought to LHS by our officers. She weighed only 3 lbs; an adult cat should weigh approx. 6-10 lbs.  She is getting stronger every day, thanks to the time and effort of the LHS staff!

February 19 | Lola

AGE: 6 years old
GENDER: female
BREED: Dwarf Rabbit

Lola is a very sweet and friendly 6-year-old female Dwarf rabbit who is typically comfortable being handled and cuddled. She is looking for a forever home where she will receive the care and attention she deserves. Meet this lovely girl at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm.


February 12 | Molly

AGE: 4 years old
GENDER: female
BREED: Fluffy Cat (lol!)

Molly comes across as quite shy, but she has such a kind and gentle personality and deserves a wonderful home! This pretty 4-year-old gal enjoys playing with toys from time to time.. but usually prefers lounging on a cozy blanket and daydreaming. She is a total lap cat and absolutely loves snuggles! If Molly sounds like the right cat for you, stop by for a visit at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays between 1-6 pm or weekends between 1-4:30 pm.


February 5 | Stella

AGE: 10 months old
BREED: American Bulldog/Mastiff

*Stella has a pending adoption 

Stella is a 10-month-old American Bulldog / Mastiff mix female. She is a very timid and fearful girl.. who is slowly but surely making progress thanks to the time and dedication of the London Humane Society staff and volunteers. She typically gets along well with other dogs and cats and absolutely loves to swim! Stella will do best in a home with children over the age of 16, with someone can teach her to not be fearful of the world.


January 31 | Diesel

AGE: 8 years old
BREED: Pug /Jack Russell Terrier mix

*Diesel has been adopted!

Diesel is one of the sweetest and most lovable dogs that you will ever have the pleasure of meeting! He is an 8-year-old Pug /Jack Russell Terrier mix who is extremely friendly and gentle with everyone he meets, including children.  Diesel recently underwent surgery to remove bladder stones, but is recovering very well and will be available for adoption starting Friday, Feb 2nd.  Meet Diesel at 624 Clarke Rd weekdays from 1-6 pm or weekends from 1-4:30 pm.



 January 24 | Nugget 

AGE: 11 weeks old
BREED: Jack Russell Terrier Mix

*Nugget has been adopted!

Allow us to introduce Nugget! This adorable little guy is a 11-week-old male Jack Russell Terrier mix pup who is incredibly energetic, friendly and affectionate. As most young puppies, Nugget is very active and loves to run around and play with his doggy toys. He is especially fond of toys that squeak. He is already crate and pee pad trained, which is quite impressive for such a young little pup. Potential adopters may submit an adoption application in person at London Humane Society (624 Clarke Rd) from Wed, Jan 24th – Friday, Jan 26th between 1-6 pm once they and everyone else in their household has spent time with Nugget. Please note that multiple adoption applications will be accepted for Nugget.