Liz Reviews: Forest City Film Festival's 'From the Vine'

Hi, it’s Liz from Fresh Radio and I’m happy to tell you that the Forest City Film Festival is still happening this year. The event runs from October 17th – 25th and showcases the best work from film artists with a connection to Southwestern Ontario.



The FCFF is excited to bring you unforgettable films but because of these unprecedented times, they’ve had to find a way to do things differently. This year you’ll be able to view films from the comfort of your own home.


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Throughout the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing some of this year’s biggest films right here on my blog. The first filmed I watched is called ‘From the Vine’ which is a story about ‘a downtrodden CEO experiencing a moral crisis who travels back to Italy to recalibrate his moral compass.’



What did I think of the film? Well, here’s my review:

During these unprecedented times, when traveling to far away places is not an option, this film was a much needed escape. Mostly taking place in a small Italian town, this film was a feast for your eyes with stunning landscapes and breathtaking views. You could almost smell the flowers and taste the wine.

The message of the film, to me, was to never compromise your values. Stand for what you believe in and when you are on the right path life will fall into place. It’s easy as we grow older to forget our passions and lose sight of what’s truly important. This particular quote from the film stood out for me: “Midway through the passage of life’s journey, I found myself in a dark forest. Where the right path was lost.” Sometimes it takes a monumental shift in our lives and looking to the past to find your way again.

Although ‘From the Vine’ has a profound message, it was not without humour, joy and a lot of quirk. You might find yourself asking, ‘did that statue’s eyes just move?” and the answer would be ‘yes.’ The film was a true delight with its beautiful setting, endearing characters and will make you want a nice glass of Italian wine.

Watch the trailer here:



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