Weekly survey: What's your prediction on the price of concert tickets post-COVID-19?

We’re still a long, long way of seeing the concerts return to the way things were, although thanks to drive-in shows and attempts to create physical-distancing spaces, a small number of people are able to go to live music events again. New Zealand, for example, a country which has broken through the coronavirus crisis, is opening up to the idea of holding concerts again.

For the rest of us, it’ll be some time yet. But when concerts do come back, what’s your prediction for the price of tickets?

The way I see it, things can go one of three ways. First, prices will remain the same as the touring industry tries to recover from COVID-19. Then again, ticket prices might drop–at least temporarily–in an attempt to lure skittish music fans back to gigs. Then there’s option three: Ticket prices will go up to compensate for the extra security measures venues and acts will have to take. And let’s not forget that there’s probably going to be new premiums to pay on pandemic insurance and policies that guard against lawsuits from people who go to a gig and get sick.

There are your choices. What do you think?


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