Live updates: Coronavirus in Canada

WATCH: Trudeau apologizes for not recusing himself from WE contract talks

The novel coronavirus, which causes the disease COVID-19, has been classified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization after it spread worldwide.

Countries around the world imposed lockdowns and curfews, and asked people to self-isolate or practise social distancing to try to control the spread of the virus.

Now, months after those moves, several countries are cautiously reopening — including Canada.

The country now has more than 107,000 cases of COVID-19. More than 8,700 people have died, with over 5,600 of them in Quebec.

On Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed Canadians about the ongoing crisis. He announced that program to subsidize wages in companies hit hard by the pandemic would be extended until December.

He did not say how the government would reshape the eligibility rules for the program.

The prime minister was also peppered with questions about the continuing controversy surrounding his government’s appointment of the WE Charity, which Trudeau and his family have long-standing personal ties with, administer the Canada Student Service Grant program.

Trudeau apologized for not recusing himself in the vote that awarded the charity the contract, and said that not doing so was a “mistake.”

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