London West candidates square off in 980 CFPL election debate

In the first of four debates with local candidates running in the federal election, 980 CFPL listeners heard Tuesday from those vying to represent London West.

Five candidates spent an hour going back and forth topics such as jobs, affordability, healthcare, and the environment.

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“Justin Trudeau, he let big polluters off the hook, he bought a pipeline,” NDP candidate Shawna Lewkowitz said in one of many attacks against the Liberals.

“He’s been found of contravening ethics violations twice, he has flagrantly disregarded the rule of law,” Conservative candidate Liz Snelgrove stated.

Liberal incumbent, Kate Young, defended Trudeau’s record.

“Together we have lifted one million people out of poverty over the last four years.”

Young also expressed doubts over the Conservatives’ climate plans.

“I’m concerned that there are many Conservatives that do not believe that climate change is real and we have to start at that basis,” Young said.

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Snelgrove countered by attacking the carbon tax.

“I just wanted to respectfully disagree with Kate that the carbon tax is not a climate change or environmental plan. It’s a revenue plan.”

Green candidate Mary Ann Hodge stressed that Canada needs to reduce emissions, adapt to what’s coming, and innovate.

Lewkowitz said it’s hard to believe the Conservatives or Liberals will take serious action on climate change and, echoing NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh’s comments from Monday’s leaders’ debate, stressed another option for voters.

“You don’t have to choose between bad and worse during this election. There are more than two parties,” Lewkowitz said.

The debate also saw People’s Party candidate Michael McMullen and Green Party candidate Mary Ann Hodge go back and forth on the economy.

“Part of our plan is to reduce taxes, to create a three-tier tax system, and to reduce taxes for everybody,” McMullen said.

“Reducing taxes doesn’t always spur the economy,” Hodge said. “It just means you have less revenue in order to create the programming that you want to go towards.”

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The next debate takes place at 10 a.m. Thursday and will feature candidates vying to represent London-Fanshawe. It will also be streamed live on the 980 CFPL Facebook page.

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