Mom-to-be forces baby shower guests to wear a wristband to prove they brought a gift

Yup….this is a thing.

A Mom-to-be is hoping to stop the “freeloaders” from attending the celebration of her soon-be-born child. If you bring a gift, you get a wristband and are entitled to enjoy in some tasty snacks and beverages….no gift…well no wristband which means NO FOOD (ya freeloader)

This Mom posted online and garnered attention from “The Shade Room” who decided to find out what people thought

Personally, I feel this is a silly idea. Mainly because MOST people come to a baby shower with a gift – but if not… then they are still there to celebrate YOU and YOUR BABY.

Although, sifting through some comments, there are a lot of people that agree with this Mom. Some saying their baby showers had so many uninvited people that ate all the food and it was not appreciated.

My friends and sister threw my baby shower and it was perfect. It was Pinterest worthy…the food…the cake…the games…the different little set ups…absolutely breathtaking. That said, if there was someone who came that didn’t bring a gift, I wouldn’t be offended or upset, I would just be happy they were there.

Watch the next thing she adds is that your gift must be worth a minimum amount.


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