Woman demands 'demonic' Spider-Man statue torn down

A statue of Spider-Man’s hands at a Nebraska children’s zoo came under scrutiny when a woman mistook them for devil horns.

Mayor of Lincoln Leirion Gaylor Baird received a written complaint from the upset woman, who asked for the sculpture of the beloved comic-book character’s hands to be removed.

“It is a sculpture of two hands over, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns,” the unnamed local wrote.

She continued: “This is anti-Christian, and demonic, and completely inappropriate and offensive to place in front of the Children’s Zoo and the Gardens where couples are married.”

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The 6-foot sculpture in question is actually part of a charitable cause, and is one of 50 installations that can be found throughout the city, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

City official Lin Quenzer said the Spider-Man hands — sponsored by ministry nonprofit, faith-based organization Lincoln Youth — is part of the Serving Hands Lincoln public art project.

“Campus Life chose hands as a representation of its mission to serve the community and reach out to teens in difficult circumstances,” Quenzer explained to CNN.

The organization’s executive director, Matt Schulte, was surprised by the outrage, considering the installations are of a charitable nature.

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“It absolutely surprised me. We are a Christian organization that has been impacting kids for a long time,” he told the publication in an email. “Clearly we would never have put something out there that celebrated the devil.”

The art project is made up of a series of 50 hand statues, all with different themes.

The art project is made up of a series of 50 hand statues, all with different themes.


Back when it was first installed in May, the hands didn’t feature spider webs. As such, Schulte mused that he could perhaps understand why the woman was initially offended. But he also pointed out that the colours of the hands correspond with the superhero’s black-and-red costume.

Other sculptures scattered around the city also feature hands, with one holding a moon and another black-and-white version featuring the word “truth.”


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