Toni's full interview with twenty one pilots

First of all, can I just say what a dream come true this chat was?

To be honest…as a huge fan of the band it was actually a struggle. My interviews usually get so random and chatty but I really wanted to nail this one. I THOUGHT I came up with some great points to discuss because as a fan, I was interested in the answers. I forgot to think about THEM and what they would find interesting. We started the chat off with what they would call the “typical” questions. Stuff they are asked hundreds of times…but to be quite honest, I really wanted to hear their answers.

When you have a time limit and you are trying to get the right soundbites, you can sometimes get in your own head. That all said, these guys were absolutely amazing. We laughed, we swiveled, and we got random.

Here are just some highlights in video form

Overall…I scored a 7.5/8 for my interview skills…could have been a 9

Thanks for listening/watching.

Big thanks to Tyler and Josh for the amazing chat and Warner Music Canada for making this all happen.

Oh…and if you were wondering about Tyler’s favourite SNL skit – here’s Will Ferrell “Get Off the Shed” Audition version



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