The top 3 Canadian things you will see on the internet today

Canadians are no strangers to winter, snow and ‘extreme cold weather alerts’. To help warm you up and have a good laugh, I’ve rounded up the best Canadian stories online at the moment! So get your igloos warmed up, get your double double ready and relax, eh!

1. Canadians love hockey rinks just as much as they love starting their day with a cup of joe. The owner of this backyard rink (so Canadian!) decided to use the snow and make their own masterpiece.


2. Canadians don’t just have dance battles. They have SKATE dance battles. This group laced up their skates and hit the ice at the Harbourfront rink in Toronto. Is that the CN Tower I see in the background?

3. Why not turn a chore into a sport? Saint-Narcisse-de-Rimouski, which is just north of New Brunswick, can get hit with a lot of snow. So what did they do? They had a snow-blower race (check out how high that snow is!!). The winner got something even more Canadian… a new heat pump. Next time we get hit with snow, I’m hoping one of these people, and their snowblowers, are nearby!


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