WATCH: The Rock hosts $300 000 game of HQ

Hey H-(Q)Cuties! Yesterday the most popular online trivia game shook things up a bit by welcoming a guest co-host, none other than Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to giveaway the biggest cash prize yet! $300 000 was on the line for those who could make it through all 15 questions. Host Scott Rogowsky was clearly losing his mind getting to work with The Great One…

Of course the reason The Rock stopped by HQ was to promote his new movie Rampage, which sponsored yesterday’s game and hits theatres tomorrow (April 13th)

By the way if you have NO idea what HQ is, get on it! It’s a free app that you download and play live trivia games twice a day for the chance to win REAL cash, no strings attached. Look for it in your app store, and good luck!


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