Kim & Mark’s Dry February

Kim and Mark are raising money for the Canadian Cancer Society by going dry this February… That means NO alcohol for the entire month!

You can help them crush their fundraising goals by clicking here!


KIM:  As much as I love a glass of red wine – and believe me – it’s a lot, I love my family and friends way more and many of them have been touched by cancer. That alone made it a very easy decision for me to go dry this Feb. I’m not saying it’ll be an easy month but I’m up for the challenge! 😊

MARK:  I decided to take part in Dry February this year to challenge myself! Instead of hunting for a fun new craft beer, or building a throne of empty cases, I’ll be reaching for the non-alcoholic choices throughout Dry Feb and beyond. I’m also looking forward to any health benefits that may come along with it. If I can be a part of raising some money to help those affected by cancer (which is all of us in one way or another) by simply tweaking my lifestyle, then I’m all for it. Thank you in advance to those who will be supporting our team!