ANOVA presents Wine, Dine & Showtime

Anova and Harrison Pensa present, “Come Together” to eradicate sexual violence!

*Slip on your bell bottoms, and your tie dye shirt…grab your mood ring and your headband, jump into your VW Micro Bus and keep on truckin’ to the grooviest party of the year!

Join the hippest of host’s 103.1 Fresh Radio’s Kim Woodbridge and the incomparable Layne, the Auctionista as they direct you back to the garden for some outta’ sight grub, some happening hippie juice, a boss live auction, a neato silent auction, an unreal all star band (The Sheatles), way out dancing and so much more you’ll never wanna’ split!

We’re stoked to have you join us at Anova’s 9th Annual Wine Dine & Showtime, Friday May 3rd, 2019 at the Best Western Plus Lamplighter Hotel in the nifty Crystal Ballroom. All the scratch goes towards Sexual Assault Services at Anova, formerly Women’s Community House and Sexual Assault Centre London.

*translation if you don’t speak ’60’s- COME TO WINE DINE & SHOWTIME!

Your groovy ticket includes:

  • Outta’ sight meal
  • A boss live auction and neato silent auction
  • Unreal live all star band – The Sheatles
  • Way out dancing, games and more!