Unbound Fashion Show 2020

Fanshawe Sustainability & 1031 Fresh Radio Presents

Unbound 2020Zero-Waste

Unbound is a unique & vibrant show celebrating Fanshawe’s fashion design graduates!

Designers present collections based on their vision of responsible fashion.
Unbound is a collaboration between multiple programs across the College, to help market, photograph, plan, style and manage the event.




Unbound Fashion Show

  • Date: Saturday, April 18, 2020
  • Where: Museum London
  • Tickets (coming soon)
  • Stream Live (event day)


“Once again, I was impressed by the high caliber of talent shown on the runway by Fanshawe’s graduating students. There were some exceptional pieces; expertly executed, with precision and professionalism. I also loved the new venue, the airplane hangar gave the event a fresh twist. Congratulations to everyone involved in Unbound 2017! It was a memorable event.”

Susan Langdon, Executive Director, Toronto Fashion Incubator


“Unbound 2017 for me was being apart of a profound progressive movement of emerging designers, and a faculty with dedication. The Unbound 2017 designers have strong points of view, thoughtfulness to design, and a distinct vision of who they are, and what they are all about.  These designers are truly UNBOUND!”

David Dixon, Canadian Fashion Designer


“Thank you for having me attend Unbound – it was a fabulous evening. The event itself was well-planned and enjoyable, and the student work was impressive.

I raved about everything to my colleagues at Design Exchange.

Sophie Quick, Programming Supervisor, Design Exchange