Paranyde Bar & Grill After Eight Games

The Paranyde Bar & Grill

After Eight Games!



Play Along Weekday Mornings

with Fresh Mornings Kim, Mark & Ian!




Mind Grind

It’s the classic Fresh Radio game! You will compete to get as many answers as you can in 30 seconds, all beginning with the letter of the day.

Friends Request

A clip from Friends will be played, and then stopped mid dialogue. You must guess which Friends character speaks next!

Hummer Time

You must guess which song Kim, Mark, or Ian is humming along to!

Liar Liar

Kim, Mark, and Ian will each ask you a question. You must respond with two truths, and a lie. The Fresh Mornings team will then collaborate to guess which is the LIE. If you stump them, you win!

Acting Out

You must guess which famous movie scene Kim, Mark, and Ian are (poorly) acting out!

Grocery Bill

Kim, Mark, or Ian will list 3 items from a recent grocery bill. You must guess the total of the 3 items within 50 cents without going over.

London Calling

Kim, Mark, or Ian will call a random number and keep saying “Hello”. You must guess how many “Hellos” they will get back before they are hung up on.

Movie Math w/ Matty D

Movie Guy Matty D (of #FreshFlicks fame) asks a “math” question involving movie facts. You must solve the equation using your movie and math skills!

London Location

Kim, Mark, or Ian will present a riddle describing a specific location in London. You must figure out the secret spot!

Fresh For Sale

Kim, Mark, and Ian will tell you about an odd item that is actually for sale online. You must guess what the asking price is within $1.00 without going over.